Hello World!

Hello World!
Photo by Mia Baker / Unsplash

We are MakerX. Our mission is to be the best in the world at creating and operating digital products that power successful ventures.

We are building a diverse, global team of the best technologists and entrepreneurs in the industry, including people with backgrounds in software development and engineering, DevOps, design, data, product management, storytelling and startups.
The idea of MakerX is 6 years in the making and we are super excited to be bringing our team’s vision to life.


We are laser focused on building digital products for ventures; which are well-funded startups. We help our customers build ventures, and we also start our own ventures.

We believe that there is potential to change the world through innovative ventures. We want to help drive that change. We bring experience, expertise, approaches and intellectual property in digital product creation and operation. This helps us make ventures more likely to succeed and have impact.