MakerX and Amerinda Advisory to Create Disruptive Products for Organisations and Venture Builders

MakerX and Amerinda Advisory to Create Disruptive Products for Organisations and Venture Builders
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MakerX, a leading digital product development firm, and Amerinda Advisory, a boutique strategy consulting firm, are excited to announce a strategic partnership designed to drive the creation of innovative digital businesses and products. The alliance will combine Amerinda's deep advisory expertise with MakerX’s venture building, product design and software engineering expertise. This will empower corporates and startups to innovate and succeed, whether they are aiming for growth or navigating turnaround situations.

In the era of rapid technological advancement, disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and augmented Reality (AR) / virtual reality (VR) are key enablers to drive strategic transformation. Organisations require agnostic expertise to help them understand and apply these technologies to their business for strategic advantage. The MakerX-Amerinda partnership is uniquely positioned to help organizations conceive, engineer, and rapidly evolve new products and ventures by harnessing disruptive technologies.

“Organisations that are looking to create new digital businesses and products can rely on Amerinda and MakerX to confidently step forward with their most strategic digital offerings and ventures,” said Eric Bruzek, Founding Partner of Amerinda Advisory.

”By combining our strengths, we are not just offering advisory services, but a complete end-to-end solution that bridges the gap between business strategy, technology implementation and product scale. This partnership will enable us to deliver innovative, scalable, and high-impact digital products and ventures,” said Matt Davies, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MakerX.

About Amerinda Advisory

Amerinda Advisory is a boutique strategy consulting firm that helps organisations achieve success in new ways using disruptive technologies like AI, IoT and 5G. Amerinda’s services help all organisations, across all industries, understand disruptive technologies and how to apply them to their business. Services are delivered through projects or strategic resources.

About MakerX

MakerX partners with corporates, venture builders and startups to drive innovation by building digital products and ventures. MakerX ventures are backed by battle-tested business cases, methodical experimentation, world-class technology, and strategic enterprise advantages. Since its inception, MakerX has grown to 40 hand-picked people across 6 countries and has delivered work for clients ranging from solo founder startups to multi-billion-dollar corporates.