Welcome to Goodo!

Welcome to Goodo!
Rachael (Goodo) & Gary W

I could not be more excited this week to welcome Rachael Goodenough (Goodo) to MakerX as our Head of People & Culture.

We've had so many amazing new starters at MakerX in a relatively short period of time, going from 1 to 25 permanent staff in just under 18 months. As we scale, it's so important to us that we consciously focus on nurturing and growing an amazing culture, and do all we can to ensure we're the best possible place to work.

Alongside many of our other Makers, I've been fortunate to work with Rachael for many years in our past roles and can't speak highly enough of her talent connecting people together, building great relationships, and making a huge positive culture impact on colleagues & community. I can't wait to see Rachael bring all these amazing skills to the challenge, and I know we'll all have a lot of fun in the process!

Our CTO Rob had this to say:

Rachael is an absolute superstar as I'm confident everyone who has ever worked with her will confirm. She brings an energy, excitement, passion and skill to her work that's legendary. One of the key aspects of the MakerX business model is creating a culture and working environment that attracts and retains the best software engineers, designers and product strategists in the market.
As we scale the business, having someone dedicated to this is critically important to us and Rachael is the perfect fit for this critical role. I know I speak for Matt and myself when I say that we are stoked to have Rachael join us in leading MakerX and continuing to build something really special!

Goodo had the following to say:

I’m reuniting with a few of my favourite people over at MakerX, as their new Head of People & Culture 🎉.

This is the first time I’ve joined a company where I’ve zero new-starter nerves and just 💯 excitement.