Welcome to Neil!

Welcome to Neil!
Neil Campbell

We're thrilled this week to welcome Neil Campbell, joining our MakerX team in Perth as a Principal Engineer. Neil has a long background in building quality software, in recent years as an independent consultant.

Neil is a lifelong tinkerer - software, electronics, wood work, metal work, house renovations, cars, 3D printing, lego and more! We can't wait to see him apply that creativity to the innovative products we're building.

Our CTO Rob had this to say:

Neil is an incredibly skilled practitioner and leader and we are very excited to have him joining our ranks as a Maker.

Neil had the following to say:

I’m super excited to be joining the amazing team at MakerX!

The vision, principles and way of delivering software make so much sense and resonate so well with how I love to work.

I can’t wait to get started, learn a bunch and help deliver some amazing outcomes for our clients.