Welcome Jess

Welcome Jess
Jess Panni

We are super excited to welcome Jess Panni who has joined MakerX as our Chief Product Officer based in the UK.

Our CEO, Matt Davies had this to say:

Jess has been on the MakerX journey since the very beginning, as one of the trusted external advisors we consulted from the first few months of the business onwards. He brings his own learnings and experiences behind delivery and commercial concepts that have become core to the unique MakerX offering.

Jess brings a huge wealth of expertise in leadership, product management, innovation and business strategy to our clients and ventures, and will further strengthen our growing partnerships in the UK.

Jess Panni had this to say:

I love businesses that have a clear purpose, that challenge traditional thinking and genuinely care about the impact they have on people and the world. MakerX takes this to the next level.

It’s no surprise then that I’m extremely proud to be joining MakerX and having the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in the technology venture space.