Welcome Patrick

Welcome Patrick
Patrick Dinh

Super excited to announce that Patrick Dinh is joining MakerX this week as a Senior Engineer. Patrick joins us from Brisbane, Australia.

Patrick is a really skilled full stack engineer with heaps of experience across a range of industries and projects. I first met Patrick a few years back when he came to Perth to deliver a project for one of my customers at the time and it was awesome working with him!

Here's what our CEO, Matt Davies, had to say:

I've been really looking forward to Patrick joining! He brings heaps of great experience and is so well aligned to the unique culture we are building!

Here's what Patrick said:

After the first few conversations with Rob and Matt, my initial feeling was "this feels right, this is my place". I found myself aligning with the company's principles, especially "Makers make" because I'm a tinkerer at heart. I'm keen to change the world through innovative ventures with MakerX.