Welcome to Adam!

Welcome to Adam!
Adam transporting a 22kg mini super-computer from one country to another via rail, because that's how he rolls!

I'm stoked to officially welcome Adam Chidlow to the MakerX team! Adam joined our Perth, Australia team this week as a Senior Engineer.

I've worked with Adam before and you'd be hard pressed to find a smarter engineer. Adam is a great human being too and I really enjoyed working with him previously, as I know I will again now.

Here's what our CEO, Matt Davies, had to say:

Adam joins our (rapidly) growing Perth based team! Adam has experience in both software and data science and I'm excited to have a Python expert (among other things) join us. When we were last working together, I recall Adam playing a critical role in optimising a massive location data platform, amongst other things finding a way to reduce the storage footprint by 90% and the compute required by a factor of 100 building customer data insights.

When I asked Adam for a photo for this blog post, as well as sending the above (hilarious) photo he also sent me this gold:

Working in a data centre. Just because. #safetyfirst

And then there's the havoc fun he wreaked on our Slack within a day of joining. It's safe to say we're going to have a lot of fun working with Adam :)

Here's what Adam had to say:

I'm excited to join Matt and Rob again since I loved the culture they helped build when I worked with them previously. There's so many things about MakerX that I'm excited to join for, but a key one is the potential to combine the best of product and consulting; particularly the variety of cutting edge projects to sink my teeth into while feeling like I'm part of the company rather than a client's company.