Welcome to Meng!

Welcome to Meng!
Meng and his wife Kathy!

I'm excited to announce a new addition to the MakerX team, Meng Chua, who joined us last week as a Senior Designer. Meng joins us from Hong Kong.

Meng has already been helping us out with the visual design elements of one of our ventures and has proven himself to be an absolute wizard with Illustrator, redesigning stuff on the fly based on feedback he was receiving, and really fits into our culture with his curious creativity and desire to grow himself and those around him.

Here's what our CEO, Matt Davies, had to say:

Meng has a lot of experience across a broad range of roles, including in government, which is a really great baseline of experience to help channel his creative energy towards the ventures and products we build. Super excited to add another city, country and skillset to our growing list of amazing Makers.

Here's what Meng had to say:

Amongst a group of extremely talented people, I cannot help but feel the need to improve myself. I love that I have been given the opportunity to not only validate my skills, but make with a method that resonates with me, and with a team that fills me with confidence that we can accomplish truly wonderful things.