Welcome to Mickaël

Welcome to Mickaël
Mickaël Derriey

I'm excited to welcome Mickaël Derriey to the MakerX team this week. Mickaël joins us as a Lead Engineer based in Luxembourg.

I've known and worked with Mickaël for many years and have always appreciated how calm and well measured he is, while being a phenominally proficient engineer. He's not afraid to think outside the box, roll up his sleeves to take on any task and help his team focus and deliver on the outcome at hand. We're very lucky to have Mick join the team.

Our CEO Matt had the following to say:

Mick is an incredible person and software engineer and we’re really lucky to have him in the team! It's very exciting to expand on our international contingent of Makers too.

Mickaël had the following to say:

I'm ecstatic to join MakerX.

I had the pleasure to work with some Makers in previous companies, and I can see they've been building a company with traits that are key to me: high levels of trust, small cross-functional teams, using the right tool for the job and taking advantage of building blocks to ship faster, all while making sure the products built solve the right problem.

I can't wait to get to know everyone, learn from others, and hopefully share some of my knowledge.