Welcome to Sam!

Welcome to Sam!
Sam and his wife May

I'm excited to welcome Sam Curry to the MakerX team this week. Sam joins us as a Lead Engineer based in Perth, Australia.

I've known and worked with Sam for many years and have always been impressed at his calm, focused technical and people leadership. He's an incredible practitioner that isn't afraid to jump into unfamiliar territory and driving success by rolling up his sleeves and helping others to do the same.

Among other things, Sam is a thought leader and expert in software integration and GraphQL, both of which are important concepts that help us build successful ventures with decoupled technology solutions.

Our CEO, Matt Davies, had the following to say:

Sam is someone that has always consistently impressed me and I'm beyond excited to have him join our team at MakerX!

Sam had the following to say:

I'm so excited and grateful to join this team of brilliant Makers. While I've been fortunate enough to find lots of interesting and enjoyable work throughout my career, MakerX feels special. Like a contemporary distillation of collective knowledge and experience, poured into a virtual jar, stirred and stoked by Rob and Matt. I can't wait to see how it turns out!